Jims Barbq & Bar 432-741-2000


We are a small group of people who decided to offer great Texas Style Barbeque to the local Ruidosa, Candalaria, Presidio and other local residents along with the tourists who come to Ruidosa Texas.

A place to come and sit awhile and get out of the Desert heat and enjoy a nice home style meal and cold drinks while relaxing in non rushed atmosphere. And please browse through our Gift Shop during your visit with us.

Jim Bigfoot Flowers has been BBQing since the age of 14 on his first 16" x 3' K-55 grade casing that still exists today.

Thank You and Ya'll Come Back Now!

Mailing Address:
225 Pinto Canyon Rd
Ruidosa, Texas 79843
(432) 741-2000

Email: jim@jimsbarbq.com